Reasons to love Frozen Yogurt

1.  Low Calories

Frozen yogurt can be a tasty low calorie treat, with about 50 less calories per serving than ice cream.


2. Variety of Flavors

Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, mint, coffee – you name it and it is available in frozen yogurt deliciousness.


3. Great with Toppings

Frozen yogurt is made to pile on the toppings. Take the healthy route and top your frozen treat with fresh fruits and nuts. Or, indulge yourself with candy pieces and chocolate. Go ahead, your taste buds deserve it.


4. Fun to Share

Get a bowl, a couple of spoons and dive in with your neighbor. Frozen yogurt is a great date food, so share something sweet with the person in your life.


5. Beat the Heat

Nothing feels better on a hot summer day than a tasty, frozen treat. Cool off this summer with a delicious cup of frozen yogurt.